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What others say about Leiden University Press

‘From the very beginning, the cooperation with Publisher and Office staff was not only highly accurate and professional, but also very personal and cordial.

Such a welcoming and accommodating attitude makes one face any difficulty with a positive mind and gives the confidence that everything will turn out well. It was a remarkable experience that the level of communication and support remained of the same quality throughout the process up to the publication of our book. Although we had high expectations for the final result, these were exceeded by the beautiful cover choice, the excellent typesetting and the quality of the images.’

Jef Jacobs, author Middle High German Legends In English Translation

‘The staff at Leiden University Press is efficient, professional, and very collegial. They helped turn our manuscript into a polished, publishable book quickly. It was an absolute pleasure working with them from A to Z and would recommend others consider the press for their academic titles.’

Amir Moosavi, author Losing Our Minds, Coming to Our Senses. Sensory Readings of Persian Literature and Culture

‘I have only praise for the team at Leiden University Press who saw to the publication of my monograph. Professionalism and individual attention were present at each stage of the process, and I am grateful that I was in such expert and attentive hands for my first experience as an academic author.’

Nadine Willems, author Ishikawa Sanshirō’s Geographical Imagination. Transnational Anarchism and the Reconfiguration of Everyday Life in Early Twentieth-Century Japan

‘I am happy to say that I highly recommend Leiden University Press with their dynamic collaboration and hardworking team. Working with this team has been exceptionally smooth and straightforward. I was truly impressed by their outstanding dedication to the project we did together.’

Reza Tabandeh author The Rise Of The Ni‘matullāhī Order. Shi’ite Sufi Masters against Islamic Fundamentalism in 19th-Century Persia

‘The editorial team at Leiden University Press did an excellent job accompanying my manuscript to production. Aside from the personal and collegial dedication to my project, I particularly appreciated the support I received for including a large number of figures in colour, which substantially improved the book. It was a real pleasure to publish with Leiden University Press.’

Florian Schneider, author Staging China. The Politics of Mass Spectacle

‘It was a great pleasure to work with Leiden University Press. Its approachable and professional staff showed much flexibility and creativity during the hurdles unavoidably popping up during the publishing process. They really tried to accommodate my wishes as much as possible, kept me updated of every production stage, always replied to my emails promptly, and overall strongly contributed to my book looking both impeccably edited and attractively designed.’

Lennart Bes, author The Heirs Of Vijayanagara. Court Politics in Early Modern South India

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Be the first to hear about the latest news and publications of LUP.

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